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It’s time to strengthen our sense of community in our neighborhood, and what better way than developing the Victor-Beaudry park for people of all ages to enjoy together? Nothing better than a family walk on a nice day.


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  • Kyra-Serene Crowley

    I like the park idea… but what’s really an issue on victor beaudry is the danger of people parking on the curves. It’s illegal to park on a curve like this isn’t it? Every curve on victor beaudry has cars and even moving trucks parked in the middle of the turn 90% of the time and it makes it very dangerous to drive on this road…. there should be no parking signs on every curve so that we can avoid collisions. It’s really aggravating.

    • admin

      Hi Ms. Crowley,
      I understand your concern; however, parking on a curve is legal in Aylmer unless otherwise stated. I suggest calling 3-1-1, submitting a request and writing down your 7-digit request number for follow-ups. If it is a shared concern with your neighbors, encourage them to call as well. The city will send an analyst to review the issue and find the best possible solution.
      -Mike Duggan

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