Keep Robert-Stewart Closed

This year I have been working to maintain the closure of a section of Robert-Stewart Road between Jockey Street and Denise-Pelletier Street for the long term. This section of Robert-Stewart Street has already been closed for several years. This green space is a safe corridor for active transport between the neighborhoods of Terrace Lakeview, Rivermead and Connaught, and well appreciated by residents who wish in large numbers to maintain the status quo of their “linear park”. The closure of this road reinforces the safety of active transport to the Cavaliers Elementary School and the opening of this road would generate costs and would likely have only a marginal benefit on the circulation of the sector. Rivermead Road, which is already built and with few residences, provides a sufficient north-south corridor for this part of the sector.

In April, council adopted a motion to perform a traffic study of the area south of Aylmer Road to assess the need for a new north-south corridor. Council’s final decision on whether to open Robert-Stewart will be based on this study, planned for completion before the end of 2019. Keep checking for updates in the situation.

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