Let’s keep Robert-Stewart closed to traffic !

WHEREAS this section of Robert-Stewart Street has already been closed for several years;

WHEREAS Rivermead Road, already built and with few residences, provides a sufficient nearby north-south corridor;

WHEREAS this green space is a safe corridor for active transport between the neighborhoods of Terrace Lakeview, Rivermead, Connaught, and Faubourg du Rivage and is well appreciated by residents who wish in large numbers to maintain the status quo of their “elongated park”;

WHEREAS the closure of this road reinforces the safety of children walking to des Cavaliers Elementary School;

WHEREAS the opening of this road would generate costs and would likely have only a marginal benefit to the circulation of the sector;

WHEREAS access to the northern part of Félix-Leclerc Street can be achieved by an “emergency vehicles only” passage via Howard Street;

THAT the section of Robert-Stewart Street, between Jockey Street and Denise-Pelletier Street, remain closed for the long term and that the City departments evaluate the costs and conditions for a connection between rue Félix-Leclerc and Howard Street to ensure compliance with emergency vehicle access standards; and

THAT the developer of the Connaught project, Bouladier Construction, at the completion of the Hippodrome Boulevard connects it contiguously to rue du Jockey.

-Mike Duggan, councillor for Deschênes ward

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