• For help with municipal services, please call 3-1-1.
    • Bilingual agents are available 24/7 to discuss, record, & action your requests.
    • Ask for the request # in case you need to follow-up or escalate the matter.
    • If not satisfied with the results, call 3-1-1 again and refer to your request #.
  • For questions, comments, or complaints regarding the 3-1-1 service:
    • Email my city email address (duggan.mike@gatineau.ca); or
    • Call my city office at (819) 595-7110.
    • Please give the 3-1-1 services reasonable opportunity before escalating.
  • For invitations to local events, political matters, informal interactions, etc:
  • For media and press-related matters:
    • Personal political email address (duggandistrict2@gmail.com).
    • Please include the topic, the questions, and any related links or references.
Get in touch

Feel free to write me a brief message and i will get back to you shortly. Thank you.