La Croisée – McConnell

Principaux défis : développement le long du chemin McConnell, la nouvelle école secondaire, gestion des eaux de surface, phases futures du projet Richcraft.

Le quartier de la Croisée connaîtra de grands changements dans les prochaines années. Alors que Richcraft développe ses plans, des parcs, des écoles et beaucoup d’autres voisins sont en route!

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  • Art Charette

    Being stressed by the lack of commitments pertaining to the so called carbon footprint, I would like to know what Aylmer in particular is doing to push a sustainable environment. For your info, it
    Is a fact that a carbon footprint is measured by the amount of space required to sustain a fixed amount of humans. There are too many people on this earth and not enough living space to maintain all of them. In lieu of this and our constant desire for growth (economically) (greed), we are depleting our natural resources at an alarming pace. Massive shifts of population must invade other countries to survive and increases political pressures. This leaves us with our own backyard. Do we really need more developments. Also subjects such as Chalk river nuclear wast dump near our river. There is nothing wrong with little development and enhancing what we already have to it’s fullest. Bring back small commerce and quality living to our area and ensure pure water, land and air. Let’s push electric and get rid of pollution. It can be done.

    • admin

      Hi, this is a bit off-topic for this page; however, here are some notes I will share:
      -There’s a lot of carbon chat these days – is your car and home heating electric? If you don’t like carbon, don’t use it. I do not use carbon for home heating or transport and encourage others to do likewise.
      -The Earth can hold billions more, and life around the planet is getting better and better. Global poverty, disease are in decline (easy to verify on Web), women’s rights, newborn survival rates and longevity are all on the increase. If you balance your information sources, you might be more optimistic.
      -Chalk river is fine – there are some potentially hazardous wastes that are being managed carefully – I am organizing a public forum to this effect that will focus on facts and solutions rather than feelings and fear. Stay tuned.
      I like your comments about responsible development and local autonomy through small commerce, jobs and clean living. Let’s work together for a stronger, healthier community !

      -Mike Duggan

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