Pedestrian Safety

Speed reduction measures continue to be an expensive burden – there’s a minority of drivers that do not respect our rules and it creates costs, anxiety and accidents. We continue to implement measures such as lowering limits, installing speed bumps, narrowing road spaces, building sidewalks, installing lawn signs, installing pedagogical radars, increasing police surveillance, sending courtesy messages to known offenders, etc. As well, the “Prudence” campaign was a pilot project that took place in the summers of 2018 and 2019, in which residents placed 30 and 40km/h signs borrowed from the city on their front lawns. This campaign was a success, and if you drive around Aylmer, you may still be able to see some of these signs on people’s properties.

Please remember that safety comes first. Always obey traffic signals, especially in residential areas and school zones. Let’s work together to make our streets safer!

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