Preserving the Ottawa River

On May 30th, I coordinated a public information session with Chalk River Laboratories specialists to inform citizens about the project activities taking place at their facilities. Due to misinformation or a lack of information, citizens are worried about the dangers that the low-level radioactive waste may pose to their homes and families.

At the information session, we discussed that the environment assessment is underway on the proposed Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF). If the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission does not issue a permit, then the process will be restarted while current materials wait even longer for storage that is more appropriate.

The guest speakers are experts in their field, and they spoke with certainty of the safety of their workplace. With a Masters degree in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor degree in Chemistry, I was well equipped to host and moderate this public information session.

Next year, we will seek another update to find out how the project is coming along.

To watch the entire public information session, click here

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